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Working with ASSpro, as a freelancer, freelancer, contractor and temporary employee, you will experience excellent service through all project staffing sequences:

Tendering and recruitment

Based on the clarification of requirements with our customers, we generate the project tender. As a specialist in our pool you will be directly enrolled by us. In addition, you can also subscribe to our project Projekt-RSS Feed abonnieren. In addition to the database search, eRecruiting and social recruiting is also used. ASSpro is active on various portals and platforms. Before it comes to the offer, we will discuss with you the project in detail and inform you about the customer and the general conditions.

Offer and customer interview

Our recruiters and consultants discuss the project with you in detail and inform you about the customer. In accordance with the general conditions, we offer your profile and confirm in writing which conditions we offer you where. In case of customer interest we organize an interview appointment with you. Prior to the customer interview, our consultants will send you further information about the project and give you further details about the customer. This is the perfect way to prepare for the interview.

Contract Management/Administration

In case of positive interview progress for both sides, ASSpro assumes all personnel administration tasks such as:

  • Preparation for obtaining official documents
  • Provision of customer-specific documents for signature
  • Issuance of contracts
  • Help with the organisation of documents such as extracts of criminal records, ID copies, debt collection statements, ZEK statements, etc.
  • Obtaining the necessary work and residence permits (if necessary)
  • Settlement of all socially liable services for temporary employees
  • Payroll Accounting and “Quellenster” tax

For IT specialists who are resident abroad, ASSpro provides the leaflet “living and working in Switzerland”.
Your adviser is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Support/Operational Support

Your consultant will keep in touch with you over the period of the entire operation. In this way, challenges and necessary adaptations can be identified early on and measures taken in good time.

Follow-up orders/follow-up projects

ASSpro is committed to occupying projects as sustainably as possible. Close customer relationship Management enables an early estimation of renewals. This ensures a preponderance of clear predictability and gives you security. ASSpro is committed to attracting you as an IT specialist for other projects with other customers as well. The competent and friendly service orientation of our consultants inspires and motivates you to continue working with us.