Guiding Principles

Our values have been the foundation for the success of ASSpro for over 15 years. They form the anchoring point of our thoughts and actions:

  • Service orientated
    We are changing dynamically and fast and are guided by the demands of our Clients.
  • Responsible
    We are committed to execute the promised service reliably and precisely
  • Excellence
    We set standards and achieve excellent service quality
  • Inspiring
    Dedication gives us the energy which drives us. Our work is our passion – this is noticeable to our Clients. We will not be satisfied until we have been able to inpire you.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which cooperation works for clients as well as for employees in a sustainable way.

Unsere Mission

Our mission is to fill positions for projects and to implement projects sustainably and competently, in a way which inspires all participants. Our aim is long – term cooperation to our mutual satisfaction.

Our corporate Goals

We want to remain autonomous and independent to realize our aims of a sustainable corporate governance and management. We want to continue to inspire our clients and to set new standards in the quality of service, in matching and processing. Our aim is to respond to the needs and demands of our clients in such a way that our recommendation rate is at least at 80%. In the long run we aim to be named first in our client segment, if an IT-recruiting agency is thought of in Switzerland.

Our motto

“ Bringing together appropriate people is inspiring and can shape the future.”

Being strongly client – orientated is mirrored in our values and is the reason why ASSpro is working continually at developing further our recruitment processes and at raising the bar.