Your Benefits

As an ASSpro client you see in the partnership with ASSpro comprehensive expertise and long-term experience in the field of Informatics and Human Resource Management. This will enable you to to reach cheaper, faster and more sustainable results in your projects. You will also experience a continuous project support by service orientated employees.

In cooperation with ASSpro you get access to a proactively led pool of specialists which will help you fast and flexibly in situations like internal vacancies, necessary technology transfers, budgeted projects and short term staff shortage.


You will profit from:

  • Optimizing of search costs
  • Competent consultants
  • Experienced IT- specialists from the ASSpro pool of specialists
  • Timesaving through best fit – you will only get appropriate profiles from us
  • Competence at a glance – evaluated strengths are clearly shown on the cover page
  • Attractive presentation in online channels including eRecruiting and Social Recruiting
  • One face to the customer by the ASSpro client information system
  • Sustainable management of client relationships and support for long-term perspectives of cooperation
  • Regulated distribution of roles and responsibilities
  • Reliability and security / safety
  • Flexibility as you need it and as it is necessary

Performance Standards

You may expect from us:

  • Simple, comparable and clear candidate profiles
  • Customized solutions
  • Continuous support
  • Openness for ideas and input
  • Planning certainty through attentive support
  • Transparency of communication on all sides
  • Reliability in implementation


With our core competencies you will get understanding of your demands and excellent service:

  • Proven expertise in informatics
  • Long-standing HR – knowledge with comprehensive performance record
  • National and international recruiting
  • Strong service orientation
  • Key People Portfolio

An up to date client information system, short and fast decision paths and proximity round off the advantages of ASSpro.