Continuous contact with our clients enables us to recruit proactively.

That is why we are able to provide to you within a short period of time appropriate candidate profiles in a systematically prepared dossier. In cooperation with ASSpro you will experience excellent service in all project staffing sequences.

Clarifying of Needs

Together with you we clarify the specific qualifications and experience you wish for. A well – founded profile of requirements is a significant contribution towards a successful recruiting, that way we will be able to determine exactly the candidates for your assignment.

Recruiting / Preselecting

Based on your needs and demands which we have worked out together with you we have exact knowledge about the profile you are looking for.

From the qualifications we have determined we produce a description for the position. It is important for us to create the ad in a way to raise interest. That way we find and interest the relevant personalities in our proactively – led pool of specialists as well as through our online channels by including eRecruiting and Social Recruiting. Because of this efficient and effective way of cooperation you will get appropriate candidate profiles within a short period of time.

We prefer personal contact with our candidates and are interested in sustainable partnerships. We inform our candidates in detail and transparently about the position to be filled. In this way we can make sure that the candidates we suggest want to realize the project at the conditions agreed upon. Tried and proven candidates are included in our Key People Portfolio.

In the field of reruiting you will not have to deal with:

  • Advertisements
  • Recruiting
  • Preselecting of candidates
  • Salary negotiations

Presentation of candidates / Interview

The clarification of your needs and our experience is the filter through which we preselect the potential candidates. The profiles are built up systematically and this way allow comparisons. On the cover page you will find listed the individual strengths we have compiled together with the candidate.

If you are interested in the candidate, we will organise a date for an interview. This way you will receive:

  • Systematically built up comparable profiles
  • Evaluated strengths at a glance
  • Organisation of interview dates according to your terms

Personnel – and Contract Administration

ASSpro relieves you reliably from administrative tasks as:

  • Providing official documents of the candidates ( diplomas, job references etc.)
  • Providing or preparing of references
  • Providing client – specific documents or signatures
  • Providing of contracts according to your demands
  • Organisation of necessary documents such as extracts of criminal records and / or debt collector register, ZEK – extracts,etc.
  • Providing the necessary residence- and work permits
  • Providing all social benefits
  • Settlement of income tax and source tax

Client-specific Support

You will be supported before, during and after the project. You will see:

  • Personal and competent consultants as well as on face to the customer guaranteed by the ASSpro client information system
  • Actively led management of client relationship which allows early necessary adaptions and interventions
  • Flexible and prompt service
  • Supervision of budget limit according to the agreement
  • Later recruiting at team solutions